Our 2017/18 Mandarin Season is now CLOSED. Come see us at the shed in Penryn again in November.

Miller Mandarin Oranges

Please check our
Harvest Bulletin for weekly updates for both our Satsuma and Clementine Mandarins.

Our family-owned and -operated grove grows mandarins in the hills of Placer County, California. It’s an ideal climate for cultivating these flavorful, seedless beauties. Here, our fruit is tree-ripened and picked only when its skin has turned a beautiful orange color—for the freshest, sweetest taste possible.

You’ll find us at the corner of English Colony Way and Butler Road,
picking and selling mandarins seven days a week during harvest. The season typically runs mid-November through early February, but of course, it all depends on the whims of Mother Nature. You can check our Harvest Bulletin for the latest details and our hours. Stop by for a visit. In addition to our Mandarins, you’re welcome to enjoy our rolling hills and fresh air, as well as our goats, donkeys and mini-horse.

We grow two seedless, easy-to-peel mandarin varieties, both bursting with flavor and Vitamin C for a delicious, healthy treat.

Satsuma Mandarins
It’s believed that Satsumas were first grown in Japan around 500 years ago. Their skin is slightly bumpy, loose and zips right off, thus the nickname “zipper skin.” Their seedless fruit is sweet and juicy.

“Clementine” Clemenulus Mandarins
Small and seedless, Clementines are known for their red-orange skins, which are smooth, glossy and easy to remove. Their juicy fruit is sweet and tangy, with a hint of tangerine.

Mandarins may hold secret to fighting allergies and colds says the USDA
In a recent study by the USDA, mandarins grown in Placer County, like the mandarins from Miller's Citrus Grove, have been shown to help fight allergies and cold symptoms. The USDA tested mandarins from 10 different micro climates in Placer County and found that they contain six to seven times the amount of synephrine, a naturally occurring decongestant, than other citrus fruits.

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